Reviewing rules


  1. Each article is reviewed by two outside reviewers.
  2. For articles written in foreing languages (other than Polish), at least one of the reviewers is affiliated in a foreign institution other than the nationality of the work’s author.
  3. Author and reviewers cannot know their respective identities.
  4. Reviewers sign a declaration attesting that no conflict of interest from either direct personal relations, relations of subordination or direct professional co-operation arises between them and the author.
  5. The review must be completed in written form and contain an unequivocal conclusion either accepting or rejecting the article for publishing.
  6. Rules of accepting and rejecting articles and review forms are sent to the reviewers and published on the periodical website.
  7. Names of reviewers of particular articles ane not disclosed. Once a year the list of reviewers is published on the periodical website.


Review form


Sympozjum — theological semi-annually


Scientific review


After acquainting with the content of the article titled ________, presented for publication in Sympozjum, issue ______,

I hereby attest that the article (mark one):


  • is suitable for printing without alterations.
  • is generally acceptable with alterations (state what to change).
  • may be published without alterations, although it does not contribute to the topic.
  • is not acceptable without major revision (state what and how should be corrected).
  • is rejected — beyond the scope of revision.
  • is suitable for printing in another publication (suggest title).




The article fulfills formal and factual requirements for publication in a scientific periodical.


I attest that no conflict of interest arises regarding the article reviewed by me.


                         __________________                                       __________________
                            Place and date                                              Signature